Classic Cheese and Pepperoni

Franco's Pizza, Tonawanda, NY

8.5 out of 10

The cheese & pepperoni pizza at Franco's is good. I would say it's one of my favorites in the area. The sauce has a nicely seasoned and slightly acidic flavor, and you get a decent amount of it. The pepperoni is slightly burnt, giving that little added flavor. The only complaint that I might have would be that I could have used a little more cheese on the slice; it covered it, but only in a think layer.

Summary & Score
PresentationThe slices come in squares, 2 in a rectangle box, which is nice.
CrustThere was not a huge amount of crust, which is fine. It was also short and not puffy.
SauceThe sauce was very good. A fair amount of acidic tomato flavor mixed with spices.
ToppingsThe pepperoni was very good with burnt edges and small grease pools. The cheese was good, but was lacking in quantity.
OverallOverall, this slice was very good; I give it an 8.5 out of 10.