Chicken Finger with a Saucy Drizzle

Franco's Pizza, Tonawanda, NY

6 out of 10

This is not one of my favorite chicken finger pizzas, but it is sort of unique. There seems to be no sauce under the cheese whatsoever, instead Franco's takes a bit of a Detroit style turn and puts sauce on top; blue cheese and hot sauce that is. Normally they load it up with both sauces, which tends to make a mess, so I ordered a light amount. There is an OK amount of chicken fingers and there seems to be more cheese on this slice compared to the cheese and pepperoni slice that I got with it.

Summary & Score
PresentationThe presentation of this pizza is great. The criss-crossing blue cheese and hot sauce drizzle looks fantastic.
CrustThere was not a huge amount of crust, which is fine. It was also short and not puffy.
SauceThe only sauce was the blue cheese and hot sauce on top of the slice. Both had good flavor and the hot sauce was not too hot.
ToppingsThe chicken finger slices we thin, but tender.
OverallOverall, I would give this slice a 6 out of 10.