Not a Simple Cheese & Pepperoni

Santora's Pizza, Depew, NY

9 out of 10

This is not your average cheese and pepperoni pizza; there's flavor coming in from all angles. To start, this is a pan pizza and as such, the crust has crispy cheese and sauce on the edges. Those crispy spots have a great burned flavor all to their own. The sauce reminds me of sauce you'd find on top of a classic tomato pie; sweet and tangy, but with plenty of spice. The cheese and the pepperoni are both thick, which works really well. This is one of my favorite cheese and pepperoni pizzas.

Summary & Score
PresentationThis pizza looks great, with it's crispy edges and parmesan on top.
CrustThe crust is chewy and sturdy. No bubbly edges here.
SauceThe sauce is sweet and tangy, with plenty of spices.
ToppingsThe cheese and pepperoni are both thick and delicious.
OverallOverall, I give this pizza a 9 out of 10.